I’ve  wanted to be a part of the entertainment field ever since I saw my first rerun of "I Love Lucy" when I was only 4 years old. While watching, I’d often  ponder to myself over and over "I could do that." "I could do that better." “I would have done something different." As a result, Lucille Ball became my first childhood hero and inspiration. Which then gave me a passion for physical comedy, in addition to making a fool of myself for laughs. As well as making wisecracks at home. (Not happily encouraged of course.)



While attending John Dewey High School, I majored in three subjects unlike most students: Acting, English & Music. Plus one year of ballet, in addition to gymnastics. It was fun going to gym class for I’ve learned it was easier than expected to beat the boys in baseball, hockey and volleyball. I didn’t develop an interest into soccer until becoming a camp counselor during my college years. That was followed by graduating with a BA in Theater Arts from Brooklyn College.



During my high school days I was sporadically told by a handful of alleged photographers that I should get into modeling as they handed out their business cards. Thinking it was a scheme to get into my pants, they were never called, and I never took them seriously. When the same would occur during and after college, different thoughts would occur. Therein becoming a Barbizon Graduate.


Brooklyn College put on plays every month that I got involved in, making me notice how fun it was to portray animals such as in “Sylvia”. A dog who could talk and who has a mind of her own. I was also Stage Manager for a few productions and learned about lighting, sets and costumes. As the eager learner I am, whatever aspect I could engulf about the entertainment business, believe me, I grabbed at the chance to absorb.


As time goes on, I’ve drawn inspiration from other thespians that I’ve hoped to meet, since I never met my heroine Lucille Ball. Among an ever-growing list that knows no limit, includes Meryl Strep, Viola Davis, Betty White, Angela Bassett, Olivia Spencer, Matt Czuchry, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Mandy Patinkin, Melissa McCarthy, Carol Burnett, Cloris Leachman, Ian McShane, Eva Green, Audra McDonald, Lynn Redgrave, Eva Green, Kevin Costner, Samuel L. Jackson & Bette Midler.



During these uncertain times, I continue to train and learn what I can from every source I come across. Therein, I’m looking for an Agent to unharness my essence.

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