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Fun Fact: as a young girl, I wasn’t allowed to watch TV so I had to watch it in secret, behind my mothers back (yes, a smart aleck ripe at the age of 4.) My Favorite Martian, Bewitched, I Dream of Genie, I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners all of the shows in which impacted and inspired me to pursue this journey as a professional actress. Mom should have known I was interested in the arts when she almost caught me pretending to fly ala Samantha in Bewitched on top of my bedroom door. I heard her coming, slipped and slammed my vay jay jay on the door before I got down to talk to her as I writhed in pain and  put on a normal front.


I started off shy due to my upbringing, but discovering TV, which was forbidden, pulled me out of that shell. I had to be sneaky by turning off the TV during Commercials so that it wasn’t so hot if I was caught.  Sesame Street & Cartoons got me into Accents & Voices. Whenever a rowdy boy felt me up in elementary & High School, I had Miss Piggy in mind as kneed them in the groin. Hee-Yah! My childhood could have passed for the Cosby Show at first. We all know what a lie that was. As my eyes grew bigger and matured, I learned that wasn’t the case. I began to bring the Drama of my life into my roles. Ever cry on cue due to reliving a childhood trauma? I have. One thing my dark childhood has brought me is seeing the positive in everything. So as gloomy as it was, at least I can honestly say I can put myself in the shoes of a character who has gone through the same.

I majored in Acting, English & Music at John Dewey High School & made sure to graduate with my BFA at Brooklyn College. Rainbow is one of my favorite colors and I think that that’s a direct parallel to who I am as a thespian. It articulates the versatility and range and the roles in which I’m attracted to play. I’ve lived in Brooklyn NY my entire life. I’m currently taking a variety of classes. In addition to Acting , I’m also studying Italian, Commercials, Voice Overs and will be taking Stage Combat in 2022.

I’ve  wanted to be a part of the entertainment field ever since I saw my first rerun of "I Love Lucy" when I was only 4 years old. As a result, Lucille Ball became my first childhood hero and inspiration. She gave me a passion for physical comedy, in addition to making a fool of myself for laughs and making wisecracks at home. (Not  happily encouraged of course.) 😊

During my time at Brooklyn College, I was cast in numerous staged productions including Sylvia, Prisoner of 2nd Ave, and Barefoot in the Park. I  worked as the Stage Manager on a few productions and am fortunate to have developed my knowledge  about lighting, sets and costumes. As the eager learner I am, whatever aspect I could soak up about the entertainment business, believe me, I grabbed at the chance to absorb. 

I continue to train and learn what I can from every source I come across.  At the moment I am studying with Michael Pointer, Wendy Alaine Wright, Houde Acting School  and pursuing across the board representation.

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@Kimberley Gayle Thomas

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