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I love Drag Queens! In 2015 & 2016 I went to Lips NYC for my birthday Dec 31 and my best friends. (I dragged her to both.) I'm not the shy type either as you can tell from my posing in the Men's bathroom. I don't care if the Womens Bathroom is out. I'll use what is available. I watch RuPauls Drag Race as an innocent pleasure. Above is Empress, Stephanie, Blaquleine, Lauren, Roxy Ro, Heidi Ho, Ginger Snapt, Blaqie O & Champagne. I've wanted a Poodle Skirt for decades now by the way. I'm always looking to see if any of these ladies end up on one of my favorite shows.

Rainbow is my favorite
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Only those that aren't associated with me, won't know that my favorite color is Rainbow.  Ever since I discovered it by way of a crayon, at the age of 4, no one could change my mind. This was before I even knew about gay & being bisexual. I had a crush on Boy George just so you know. When I was 13 and entered High School, I wasn't as loud about it as I used to be, due to being told it was childish. After hearing about branding, I threw that childish stigma out the window. If someone doesn't like or appreciate me being me, they can go fluff themselves. As an adult, it is still my #1 color in my vocabulary. The fact that it's associated with the LGBT community, even though I'm heterosexual, is a happy bonus.

Other Headshots
my vayjay on vacay8.jpg
May 2018.jpg

Here are pictures that I intially tried to turn into Headshots, but I still like them. Who wants to guess which one I use as the main photo on dating sites that males still forget to read when they show interest? Sigh.

Beach Days

I enjoy going to the Beach. Under the circumstance of gaining weight, due to my thyroid ( I hate it so much lately) I need to get my beach body back. I thought I wouldn't have to worry about my weight since my metabolism ensued so much jealousy from others. Those days are now gone, thus now having Hypothyroidism. I now love my body from a different angle than I did before.

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